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A Therapeutic Foster Care and Outpatient Services Agency!!

Therapeutic Foster Care is specialized foster care for children and youth with special medical, psychological, social and emotional needs who can accept and respond to the close relationships within a family setting, but whose special needs require more intensive or therapeutic services than are found in traditional foster care. WYI Therapeutic Foster Care program provides youth with a family-based treatment alternative to more intensive levels of care.  Services provided by the WYI Therapeutic Foster Care program facilitate the positive emotional adjustment and growth of the child. Outpatient services are offered to children who have stepped  down to a lower level of care but who will still benefit from counseling during the transition period.

Wesleyan Youth, Inc.'s philosophy is to facilitate the child's positive and behavioral adjustment and to strengthen the child's ability to function effectively in the community. Therapeutic Foster Care provides a family-based treatment alternative for youth in the custody of  the Department of Human Services or the Office of Juvenile Affairs.This is provided through the establishment of treatment-oriented and trained foster homes.  The Therapeutic Foster Care and Outpatient Services programs provide a comprehensive system of mental health care to meet the necessary and changing needs of children, adolescents, and families in the State of Oklahoma.


Could you open your heart and home to a child?

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a safe, nurturing environment for the children and youth in Oklahoma entrusted to our care;  to help build self esteem; assist with education, social skills and life skills so that they may live independent, productive lives as adults.

For more information, call 1-405-808-0306.